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Celebrating 80 years of music
in Camden Town

About Us

The Music Walk of Fame honours artists, creators, executives, media, technology and celebrates world-changing moments in music, from global legends and influential contemporary artists to the unsung heroes, technological breakthroughs and industry figures whose ingenuity and passion have changed the face of popular culture today.

The history

Camden Town

Camden's impact on the music business cannot be overstated. Everyone from Madness to Jay-Z, Amy Winehouse to Bob Dylan, has performed in this historic part of London. Camden evolved into what it is today during the 1960s, when it was at the epicentre of a cultural revolution. Before this, it played home to a variety of merchants and craftsmen, who spent their evenings singing in the local pubs and creating the vibrant and eclectic atmosphere for which Camden it still renowned.

The Music Walk of Fame

Our Launch Event


“ Played out by the band, Love is a losing hand ”

icons, influencers, inspirations and more

Honouring artists

The Music Walk of Fame will be a testament to musical greatness, and to some of the most extraordinary musical talents in the world: icons, influencers, inspirations, and more.

We believe in the power of music, and there is no better place for the industry to build its most prestigious and iconic commemoration of that power than Camden, in London – the beating heart of a city that has given music some of its biggest stars.

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